One of the most important and essential pieces of equipment. Car seat that every baby and child will need is a car. Evidence has shown that a properly fitted and installed car seat can save your child’s life. Even car seat can save in a minor car accident.

Almost every year thousands of young children are killed or injured in car accidents. You can help to prevent this from happening to your baby or child. By using car seats and using them correctly. All fifty states require that babies up to eighteen months old ride in a car seat.

Choosing a car seat?

A car seat has to fit your child. Your first car seat should be purchase before bringing baby home from the hospital. In order to determine the car seat, you should make sure that your baby fits in the seat, and that if fits properly in the vehicle. The important thing to remember is that cost should not be a deciding factor.

They are many expensive car seats, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to be easier to use or safer for your baby. You should choose the seat based on the height and weight of your child. Car seats have to both have a harness strap and a harness clip. The harness straps should fit over the child’s head and lie over your baby’s shoulders.

What are the different types of car seats?

They are four different types of car seats available.

Infant-only seat- 

Infant only car seats are described as rear facing seats. Infant seats are placed in the back seat of the car. A baby should use an infant only seat from birth until they are one year old or weigh up to twenty pounds. The car seat must be able to recline at a forty-five degree angle. The car seat should not be placed in the front of an air bag under any circumstances.Read more details about Infant-only seat

Convertible seat-

These types of seats are two in one. They are placed in the back seat. Mostly and they face the back of the car. After the child turns one, the seats are placed to face the front of the car.Read More Details About Convertible seat

Combination seat-

These seats face the front of the car. Convertible seats are made for children who are one year and older. Similarly these seats can also convert into a booster seat when your child is over forty pounds.Read More Details About Combination Seat

Booster seat-

These are for children who are four to eight years old. And Baby’s weigh between forty and eighty pounds. A child should start using a booster seat when they grow out of his or her car seat. Booster seats are used until a child is ready to use a seat belt.Read more details about Booster seat

Important Imstruction

Remember that you should never get a car seat that has been in a crash. Car seat has been damaged or has any parts that are missing. If it is more than ten years old, do not purchase it. Before purchasing any car seat, you should check the manufacturer’s serial and model number. Also you should justify with the consumer reports to make sure that it has not been recalled or any of the parts been recalled.


Always read your instructions regarding installation, if you are not sure about it, you should call the company’s customer service line and get more information on how to install the car seat. Remember if you are unsure, don’t put it in on till you fully understand, this could lead to problems later, if an accident should happen. You may also contact a certified child passenger safety technician who can assist you with this. Keeping your baby and child safe is the key.

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