A baby is the family’s bundle of joy. Keeping her safe and healthy can be tough challenges especially for first time parents. Merely feeding this little angel can become stressful and may build anxiety. Understanding the basics of properly feeding your baby and using safe feeding equipment may help lessen the tension of giving life to your baby.

Babies Have Different Nutritional Needs

It may be worthy to notice that babies have completely different organic process wants, safety and correct care even for the feeding instrumentality is therefore necessary for a healthy baby.

This is a challenge especially for first time mothers. To be able to manage the possible stress of feeding your baby. You will need to understand the different nutritional needs as your baby’s growth progresses.

It may be necessary to tell you that babies even before conception needs nourishment. Proper nourishment of your baby inside your tummy will help develop his organs. Prepare him for the challenges the world outside has to offer.

You will so ought to make sure you eat well and involve all the four food teams to make sure you may have a healthy baby.

Babies 0 to 4 months old also has different nutritional needs as against older babies. This will help you to understand your babies requirements as he grows.

Feeding demand and feeding equipments for babies zero to four months

At this stage, babies might solely take liquid food intake such United States milk. this may be either breast milk or formula. Whichever of the 2 you select to allow your baby, they’re going to want totally different feeding equipment to confirm safety and healthy babies.

Breast Feeding Equipment

Breast Pad Рmake sure you use clean pads all the time. This will facilitate avoid micro organism  or bacteria developing round the center of breast that will very bad and harmful your baby. See more about Breast Pad

Nursing Bra – you need this to help avoid the inconvenience of breastfeeding.See more about Nursing Bras

Breast pump – you will want a breast pump particularly once returning to figure. It will help lessen the pain you will experience as the milk bulk in your breast. Clean every after use. Choose the brand that you can sterilize, this is another safety precaution.See more different type of Breast Pump

Bottle feeding equipment

  • Feeding bottles – at this stage, newborn babies want frequent little amounts of milk. . Having enough bottles will give you enough time to clean them well and be ready for every use. Sterilize bottles to avoid bacteria building up that may harm your babies’ health.See different type of Feeding Bottles
  • Bottle and Teat cleaning brush – this will help clean the bottles thoroughly.See more Bottle and Teat cleaning brush
  • Sterilizer – this is necessary for ensure feeding equipment such as the feeding bottles will be safe for use.See more Sterilizer
  • Bottle warmer – using bottle warmer is a convenient way to ensure you feed your baby with warm milk all the time. You may however ensure that you do not heat the milk too much, because it may cause discomfort on his part.See more Bottle Warmer
  • Insulated bottle carrier -especially when traveling with your bundle of joy, your insulated bottle carrier will be enough to fit all the babies’ equipment including feeding bottles with warm water and milk powder in the dispenser. This will help you prepare whenever and wherever when you baby needs feeding.Insulated bottle carrier

Feeding equipment for babies 4 to 6 months

This stage of baby’s growth is when you can start introducing solid foods. In doing this, you will need the following:

  • Blender – your baby won’t be ready to digest items of food. returning from milk, only pureed food can be digestible. Start with bland food like baby rice or potato. They are the best to start his maturing digestive system.See more about Blender
  • Dinnerware – Plastic bowls, plates and twin-handle cup with spout may be necessary to assist your baby while going about weaning.See more about Dinnerware
  • Bibs – Use this to protect the baby from messing with his food. Choose toweling bibs as a result of they’re soft for your baby.See more about Bibs

Feeding equipment for babies 7 months and older

Your baby may now be able to handle spoon and probably start picking stuff and putting them in his mouth. Feeding the baby at this stage might be somewhat tough as a result of your baby would possibly fight for the spoon.Prepare for this by having two sets of utensils so that you can give him one set to play with while you continue feeding him with the other.

You will still need to sterilize all the feeding equipments your baby will use, safety at this stage is always necessary.

As mentioned earlier, babies nutritional needs vary as their growth stages advances, knowing when to feed and using proper feeding equipments can help you lessen the stress of this special task of giving life to your bundle of joy.

Avoid undue tension by trying to understand what your baby needs rather than ask around from other people, each baby has different needs and has different personalities.

Understand what your baby’s personality and enjoy the growing up stage of your little angel in the house.


Proper choice of feeding equipments will help your baby look forward to mealtime. Your choice of feeding equipment and ensuring they are safe for use will help you avoid subjecting your baby to external factors that may harm him.

Also, use mealtime as a bonding time between you and your baby.

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