Is the time approaching for the arrival of your newborn baby? If so, this is probably a good time to invest in some durable baby furniture for your little one. May be you are wondering what kind of furniture your baby requires. Day by day your kid grows, the needs for furniture will respectively changing. Therefore it is advisable to buy the furniture stage by stage as and when you feel the need. There is no necessity to buy everything at once.

It is good to check out what is available in the market, compare prices; quality and storability factor before you go out and buy the items. Also keep in mind your budget and how much you can stretch. Many of the furniture items are things that you can do away with but you definitely have to buy at least the essential ones that your baby will require. Well here are some of the items that you can start off with.

Baby Carriage/ Stroller

Baby stroller or carriage is an essential item, which makes life much easier for the parents. There are different types of strollers available in the market today with varying styles, shapes and usability levels.

One of the most important and significant purchases that you will ever make for your baby is to purchase a baby stroller or carriage for him or her. They are so many carriages on the market today, how do you know which one to select. They key to remember is to shop around and make sure you find one that is safe and comfortable for both baby and you.

Types of Carriages

They are many types of carriages; they come in different styles, forms, sizes, and in level of abilities. In some cases, you may need to purchase more than one carriage to meet baby’s different and changing needs. Strollers or carriages fall into a few major categories, based on these you can make an educated decision on what to purchase.


This is usually a large, heavy stroller. It usually has a reclining back, a padded seat, canopy, and a large basket. These carriages feature large wheels for a smooth ride. As the baby grows, it will be able to adjust and become an upright seat. These are the best for infants.


These are lightweight easy to carry and very inexpensive. They fold easily and can fit in small spaces for quick storage. It consists of a pouch that you can sling around the metal frame, with an umbrella. Sometimes it has a canopy or basket. These models if you place too much stuff on them, can tip over, so you must be careful.


This is usually the family’s main carriage. The standard carriage can offer a partial or a fully reclining seat and a well-covered seat. It has a double set of wheels for an easy ride, and ease of moving around.


These carriages are a combination of a convenience with all the features of a standard carriage. They are made of aluminum, and is very sturdy. It is very portable and comes with a reclining seat. These types are generally more expensive.


These types of carriages are built for parents who want to jog around with their babies. They are lightweight and feature three large types of tires. They roll very smoothly and they come with shock absorbents and brakes. These are great for parents who love to exercise and want their kids to exercise with them.

Safety Tips

When using a carriage, remember the following safety tips:

  • Make sure that the hand rest and seat are in the reclined carriage position.
  • When you are folding and unfolding the carriage, keep the baby away from it, accidents can happen.
  • Make sure you secure the seat belts on the carriage, you don’t want your child slipping out.
  • Never leave a baby unattended in the carriage.
  • Never use a pillow, quilt or blanket as a mattress in a carriage, kids can get tangled up in it, and suffocate easily while sleeping in the carriage.

While they are many types of carriages, you have to keep some things in mind. Make sure that the metal frame is strong and sturdy. Check out all four of the wheels on the carriage, they should be touching the floor, and it should not rock back and forth and be unstable. The seat should be covered and well padded.

Make sure that the carriage offers a smooth ride for the child. Check consumer reports and make sure that they are no recalls or safety defects with the carriage that you are looking to purchase. Remember that the most important thing is safety first when deciding on the type of carriage to purchase for you and your child.

Cot/ Crib/ Cradle

It is a good practice to allow your baby to sleep on a separate cot and not share the same bed with the parents. This way the parents can be more relaxed as they don’t have to worry about hurting the child in their sleep. A baby cot has to have railings on all sides in order to protect the baby from falling or rolling out while sleeping. The cot can be customized as per your requirement.

Car Seat

This is one of the most important items that you can invest it. It is important that you never travel with a baby in the car unless you keep the baby in a car seat. This can help prevent injuries and harm to the baby in the event of any accident. Car seats with detachable bases are easier to use, as it need not be installed every time in the car. Make sure to follow all the installation instructions carefully. Learn more details Baby Car Seats……

Baby Closet

If a baby has a small closet of its own, you can store all their clothes, diapers, nappies, shoes and other accessories in one place instead of having them scattered in different drawers and places in the house. This will also make finding things much easier for the mother and can save a lot of time.

High Chairs

This is probably one of the most used furniture item besides a crib. Since it needs to be used many times a day and can be used for a few years, a high chair should be attractive, functional and durable. They should be easy to clean and store.

Final Advices

Although wooden made nice polished chair may look attractive but this is not a well decision to buy for your baby. Choose one with a wide base for better stability and ensure that the safety belts are comfortable. Always buy furniture that will last long and is strong. These can be passed down to others in your family or can be stored and used at the arrival of your next child.

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