Parenting an Adult Child | Descriptions for Parenting an Adult Child

Parenting an adult child does not mean babying an adult child. Parenting an adult child means that Mom and Dad will still look after the best interests of their children into adulthood. Just because a son or daughter hits forty does not mean that they are to be abandoned or ignored. No matter what a son or daughter’s age may be, they still need the support a parent can provide.

When it comes to parenting an adult child, the best thing parents can due is assume the role of an advisor in matters that affect adults and where getting honest advice and sincerity is rare.

Here are a few ‘jobs’ Mom and Dad can assume so as to continue their role of parenting an adult child:

Marriage Counselor

Why wouldn’t Mom and Dad be considered good marriage counselors if they themselves are or have been married? Experience is the best basis for advice.

Stock Broker

Do Mom and Dad have investments in the market? Are these investments Real Estate or Bonds? If so, they have probably learned a thing or two and can easily offer some investment advice from the heart and not guided by gaining a fat commission. Even without hands on experience, parents can assist their grown children in all sorts of ways regarding the stock market.

Financial Planner

This one ties in with stock broker. If the kids are having trouble managing their finances, Mom and Dad may be able to offer advice as they know their thirty-something “kids” financial situation from having been in the same situation in their own lives. Once again, experience is the best angle for good advice.

Travel Agent

This one ties in with Financial Planner. That is, Mom and Dad, unlike a Travel Agent, will say: “You’re kidding that you think you can afford this, right?” And, more often than not, people do need to be tapped on the shoulder and told that they need to pay closer attention to their finances more often than not.

Performance Motivation Coach

Nobody understands what it is that motivates their kids more than a mother or father and nobody can help get those kids going faster and with more fire in the eyes than the parents. As one can see in the above examples, parenting an adult child is a major commitment but can be well worth it in the end.

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