Today is the second Sunday of May. World Mother’s Day is observed in Bangladesh with the rest of the world. The main purpose of the day is to honor Mother, love. On the occasion of the day, various organizations have arranged various programs in the country. In the social media, already many mothers have given love to mother.
It is known that mother Jarvis and her daughter Ann Jarvis in the United States started World Mother’s Day.
Anna Jarvis was a resident of the Webster Junction area between Baltimore and Ohio, USA. Her mother, Maria Reeves Jarvis, spent her whole life serving orphan and dog. Maria Reeves Jarvis died in 1905. Girl Ann Jarvis, who wanted to honor Maria Reeves Jarvis, who was working unrelated Ann Jarvis started campaigning to recognize all the mother-mothers spread all over the country like Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis.

Mother’s Day was recognized by the state for seven years in the United States.Since 1911, Mother’s Day is celebrated in every state of the United States. On May 8, 1914, the US Congress announced the second Sunday of May as the Mother’s Day.
However, Mother Maria Reeves Jarvis advocate Ann Jarvis opposed the commercialization of the Day, saying that greeting her with a card means that she does not have time to write two pen. Giving a chocolate gift means eating it yourself.

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